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Special date

Dear gentlemen, if you are looking for a memorable date, such as a delicious dinner accompanied by good wine followed by an intimate moment or just a social gathering, I am available for you. Go below for more details.

Image de Pierre Bamin

Dinner Date 

I am offering a special dinner date of four hours (two hours social dinner date , two hours intimate) which would be outcall date. We would start our evening eating a delicious meal at one of my favourite restaurants (or yours as you wish) and afterwards, we would end our date at your hotel, or at my place for some intimate moments.

More details

Duration : 4 hours ( two hours social , two hours intimate)
Where : Starting at the restaurant and finishing at your hotel or my place.
Rates : $2000


I also offering a special social date of two hours (two hours social ) which would be an outcall date.The meeting should be in a restaurant, at your hotel, in a lounge to have a cocktail or in a coffee place as you wish. You can also book me for a social date for an event (business or other) where you would like to be accompanied.

More details

Duration : 2 hours ( two hours social )
Where : At the restaurant or anywhere as you wish
Rates : $500

Favourite Places

If you are uncertain about where to go for our dinner or social date, here are some suggestions of places that I would highly recommend and also where I love to go (Montreal and Toronto).



- Marcus (Montreal)

- Milos (Montreal)

- Beatrice (Montreal)

- Hidden fish (Montreal)

- Harbour 60 (Toronto)

- Myth (Toronto)



- Four seasons ( Montreal & Toronto)

- Honeyrose (Montreal)

- Vogue (Montreal)

- Ritz Carlton (Toronto)

- Shangri-la (Toronto)



- Cafe Holt Ogilvy (Montreal)

- Botta botta spa (Montreal)

- Bar George (Montreal)

- BarChef (Toronto)

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